“ Our Mission is to positively shape communities by investing, building, maintaining and renewing the places where people work, live and enjoy life”.

Established from the realisation that through a commercial and entrepreneurial environment the existing internal services being delivered through Epping Forest District Council could provide a return to the Council to ensure the communities it serves were stronger, safer and more sustainable.

Qualis Group Ltd enables the flexibility to work with a variety of private and public partners, embrace commercial opportunities in the market and importantly maximise returns whilst the Council still contains financial and reputational risks to reasonable levels.

The Company structure is as follows:

Qualis Group Ltd, the parent company, that has responsibility for the overall performance and governance of the subsidiary companies:

Qualis Management Ltd, a services company, that currently delivers EFDC repairs and maintenance service for its Qualis owned homes and, in the longer term, provide services to third parties. The company also has option to deliver other Qualis run services if this makes economic sense and delivers for customers.

Qualis Commercial Ltd, a development company, with responsibility for the development of new residential housing, commercial, retail and leisure facilities.

Qualis Living Ltd, an investment company holding assets either developed by Qualis Commercial or through market acquisitions that will provide future revenue income.

Qualis Community Ltd, a company that will provide a vehicle to deliver projects for community benefit including social enterprises and the management of amenity spaces.

The Council as shareholder has 100% ownership of the holding company and the holding company has 100% ownership of the subsidairy companies. This interest is represented in the shareholders accounts and articles of association of the companies.

Current activity

The Group is already making its mark and actively working on proposals and plans for the regeneration of five sites in Epping, due to start on site this year. Public engagement is key to our plans and we are currently engaging with local communities, seeking their views and aspirations through a comprehensive consultation programme.

For further information on our current activity go to: